Meet Andrew Ling

Andrew Ling is a travel photographer and creative producer based in Seattle, Washington. He has a degree in Marketing and grew up thinking he would open his own business, but his love for photography and the outdoors took over. While in business school, Andrew started travelling to one exciting, wild place after another. On his trips, he documented his adventures through pictures to share with friends and family at home. Just a few weeks before graduation, someone from Adobe saw the pictures he had been sharing online and reached out with a job proposition - a campaign for Earth Day. That was the start of his photography career: a trip to Patagonia to document climate change and turn it into an art installation in downtown Los Angeles. Today, he works with brands like Adidas, the North Face and Land Rover, while his most important client is still his own insatiable curiosity and thirst for new discoveries.

Why is Andrew the perfect person to share his knowledge on shooting remote locations?

Andrew has had quite a few crazy experiences in his career as a landscape photographer, most of which are hidden behind scenic, peaceful images of otherworldly beauty - a testament to his skill in overcoming challenges and pushing through his creative vision, no matter what conditions he encounters on location. Getting stuck under a meter and a half of snow in Iceland, having the car fall through a frozen river crossing and spending the night stranded in the middle of nowhere, hiking in the Torres del Paine National Park at 3am in pitch dark – these are just a few examples of what makes Andrew’s photography trips memorable and worth sharing.

1. Planning