Frame Averaging

Equipment Needed

Phase One IQ4 Camera
Optional: Graduated filter


Frame Averaging is a technique wherein you shoot a series of images, and then, in post-processing, combine the images - averaging the content in each pixel. It is a way to get a longer exposure image without filters, or as a method to remove unwanted subjects in the frame – for example if you are at a popular tourist stop and want to have an image without people.

Phase One has taken this technique and improved the workflow. The Automated Frame Averaging feature in the IQ4 captures, and automatically combines, a sequence of images that you define into a single RAW file.



To get started with Automated Frame Averaging, compose and focus your shot. You may want to take a few test shots to determine your exposure.

Once you are ready, navigate to the Automated Frame Averaging tool on your IQ4. Here, you are able to specify the shutter speed, aperture and ISO of each individual exposure, as well total length of your image.

If you need to compensate for differing light across the scene, go ahead and add a graduated filter to even out the exposure. Otherwise, you are ready to start the capture.



Once you initiate the capture, you can sit back and let the camera do the work. Once it has finished the exposures and processing of the image, you will be presented with a single RAW file with reduced noise, extended dynamic range, and protected highlights.

Adjust your shot as needed for your desired effect.


You will notice with this RAW file that it probably has a better image quality than those shot with filters. Every additional piece of glass you add in front of your camera reduces image quality and can introduce color cast. The cleaner RAW image produced with Automated Frame Averaging gives you more flexibility and options when it comes to post-processing. Use the dynamic range of the camera to brighten shadows or darken highlights. Adjust the contrast and clarity to make your image pop. Pump up the saturation or dive into the advanced color editor for local color adjustments or color grading. With the straight out of camera image quality, you have the freedom to let your creativity shine.

How Automated Frame Averaging on the IQ4 works

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