by Paul Reiffer

It’s been an absolute pleasure sharing my knowledge and a few stories with you. Long exposure photography can deliver images which allow the viewer to feel the movement, the motion, the excitement or serenity of the landscape and cityscape scenes that you capture.

While each photographer has a different approach and style when it comes to long exposures - and photography in general - once the basics of lighting control and shutter speed manipulation are grasped, every photographer can use these techniques to continue to create even more unique and inspiring scenes, no matter how popular a location may be.

My hope is, even if you’re very experienced in the field, there’s been something in this guide that has either helped or inspired you to try something new.

So, get out there, try some of the techniques in this guide (or experiment even further with some modifications), and find your own workflow and style, as you uncover the wonders of applying the concept of long exposures to your images.

Happy creating!

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