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Have you ever looked at a powerful landscape image and asked yourself why you are drawn in? It might very well be thanks to long exposure. The use of long exposure techniques allows the photographer to keep the focus on the subject by effectively blurring elements of a composition which may divert the eye from the main subject.

Long exposure is a valuable tool for a photographer, and has many applications. In this guide, with the help of Phase One Ambassador Paul Reiffer, we take a closer look at essential equipment used in long exposure photography and understanding basic camera settings, and we apply this knowledge using concrete examples that Paul will walk you through, including valuable pro tips, so will be able to go out and try the effect for yourself.

You will gain knowledge on how to achieve:

•Silky water and cloud movement

•Light trails

•Brightening dark scenes


This guide aims to provide a foundation which will allow you to start using long exposure techniques in your photography – whether you wish to achieve silky water and blurred clouds, show the bustle of a busy city, capture the wonder of the northern lights, or find your own unique long exposure style.

Both those new to long exposure photography, as well as those who are more advanced, will benefit from this guide. And there is plenty of inspiration throughout, as well as the learning content!

Hosted by Phase One Ambassador Paul Reiffer

"Mastering long exposure means you have mastered the art of manipulating natural light in your image - and that is a powerful tool"
- Paul Reiffer